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“How To Make Massive Money WITHOUT a Website, Sales Copy or List & Finally Gain 100% Clarity on How a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business REALLY Works”


This man was smart enough to attend my last event and is now worth millions. Where will you be after you attend?



Greg Davis

Back in 2013, I decided to put on a seminar where REAL high-volume media buyers and underground internet rock stars could give attendees the tools to make 7 figures per month.

It brought together the best of the industry, and the networking produced millions in deals.

It was so successful I held another one in 2014, but after that I needed a break. If you ask anyone that has thrown an event like that they will tell you it’s EXHAUTING.

On top of that, compared to my affiliate marketing “day job” the events weren’t as lucrative as people tend to think.

So I took a break. But now, by extremely popular demand, I’m back.


The Affiliate Marketing No One Talks About


My industry is affiliate marketing, but not your traditional affiliate marketing.  This isn’t Amazon; we don’t just get paid a small percentage of a sale.


Listen to Attendees of Greg's Last Event…


While the so-called gurus are barely making a million dollars selling crappy information products, the REAL internet marketers in my industry are netting tens of millions of dollars per year, working part time.


There’s a secret world of much more successful online marketers out there, that are cashing in on an industry that has stayed under the radar for many years.


They are extremely tight-lipped. They rarely talk about how they make these huge sums of money outside of their very small circle.

And they all have one thing in common. More on that later.

My name is Greg Davis, aka Mr. $50K A Day and I’ve been blessed to be an insider in this world for many years. I’ve been a $1M/month super affiliate, an affiliate network owner, and a merchant.

The type of affiliate marketing I do is WAY bigger than Internet Marketing products.


In fact, if you take every product launch, every sales webinar, over the past 3 years and add up the revenue, it would still be dwarfed by my industry.


What is it?

It’s called CPA, which stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition.

You may have heard of CPA before, and there have even been a few lame courses and ebooks that have tried to teach it. But there has never been and actual insider, someone that routinely generates $50,000 - $100,000 per day, that is willing to reveal the TRUE secrets of the industry, for 3 whole days.

Until now.


What Make CPA So Much More Lucrative Than Traditional Affiliate Marketing?


Traditionally, affiliates get paid a percentage of an online sale. With CPA, the affiliate gets paid when the consumer performs a specific action.

The action can be as simple as having the person enter their email or even zip code (called email submits and zip submits).

I’ve been paid up to $5 when a consumer just enters their email. $5 might not sound like much, but when you can drive 10,000 leads/day it adds up quickly.


The Reason it's so lucrative for affiliates is because you can get paid without the customer pulling out a credit card.


They don’t have to buy anything in order for you to get paid a commission, which makes it pretty easy to generate big profits.

100% commission programs used to be all the rage. In the CPA world, we get 1000% commissions. How?

When someone takes advantage of a free trial offer, they normally pay around $3 or $4 shipping to get a trial of the product. When they do that, I get paid a commission between $30 - $40, and sometimes more.

That’s because the advertiser (merchant) knows that they will make much more than that in the lifetime of that customer so they have no problem paying for them up front.

So don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people that have made some cash in these programs, in some cases over $100,000 per month. But in CPA, many affiliates routinely make over $100k/day.


This is why they can drop $30k for a flight on a private Leer jet, while your favorite  “successful” internet marketer is thrilled to be in first class.


Listen, I know $100k is nothing to sneeze at. I remember back in 2007 I was ecstatic about making 6 figures monthly in traditional affiliate marketing. But when you look at the staggering amount of money in the CPA industry, you can see why $100k is just another day’s work.


Listen to Past Attendees…


Why is there so much money in CPA?

Huge multi-billion dollar companies need customers. They have tons of offers, but they need traffic.  They need huge amounts of traffic. Companies like Apple, Sears, Walmart and Netflix need a steady flow of leads, and they have no problems spending millions every single month to affiliates that bring them the traffic they need.

Now don’t get me wrong – if you work your ass off and do traditional affiliate marketing, mlm, or internet marketing, you can make some ok money.


But if you can learn CPA and get good at buying traffic, you can make staggering amounts of money in a very short period of time.


Up until now, there has never been a real insider that is willing to break the code of silence and teach the real secrets to making $xx,xxx per day with CPA, in a live 3-day event. That will change on Oct. 13.

For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to learn how to bank 5-figures per day with affiliate marketing – directly from someone that has been doing it day in day out for the past 5 years.

In Washington DC, from Oct. 13 – 15 you will have the rare opportunity to learn the underground techniques we use to make over $50,000 per day. I’m hosting a private, closed door event where I’m spilling my guts.

Up until now, I’ve only shared my secrets with my private coaching and consulting clients that pay me $50k for one day. Why do they pay me so much? Because of results like this:


$700K In One Month

Testimonial from one of Greg's Students



$1.1 Million in 60 Days

Testimonial from one of Greg's Students


Most marketers like to talk about THEIR earnings. I like to showcase my clients' earnings, because that's the true measure of someone's ability to teach others. Just like I'll be teaching at my event in October.


So now you can see why my coaching students happily paid $50k for my secrets.  Why would I share them now for a fraction of that price?

There are many in my industry that wish I would shut up and not tell anyone for any price, but I don’t believe in hoarding information. That is a scarcity mentality, and I believe in abundance. There is enough out here for all of us.

Your success doesn’t take anything away from mine.

But I have an ulterior motive as well. I have my own affiliate network (Rockstar Revenue), as well as my own offers so if I can train a small army of affiliates to duplicate my success and drive massive amounts of traffic, it's a win-win.

You get the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to make a mind-boggling amount of money, and assuming you promote my offers, the more money you make the more money I make.

Beautiful, right?

Therefore, I have every reason to tell you everything I know about making money with affiliate marketing. And that's exactly what I'll be doing October 13 through the 15th.


Greg Davis Has Absolutely Changed My Life

Testimonial from one of Greg's Students

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2000. For the first seven years of my career, I struggled. Like most people online I chased every shiny new object - you name it I tried it.

But no matter how hard I worked, no matter how close I came, I could never get to the point of consistent profits. It wasn’t until 2006, when I sought out a mentor, that I was finally able to get over the hump. One piece of advice from my mentor turned my affiliate business that was losing $100 per day into one that made over $100,000 per month. All in the space of three months.

That one piece of advice turned my life around. I was able to quit my job and do affiliate marketing full-time. This was a dream come true for me. I was able to work on my schedule, and we were able to pay all of our debts.

This was the year 2007. This was my first year full-time online, and was also the first time I attended a live event. This was not a coincidence. Up to that point I resisted going to seminars thinking that I really didn’t need that. But once I went to my first event and saw the extraordinary progress I made after the event, I was hooked.

So I piddled along making about $100k/month. On my best days I did $4k - $5k per day. Life was good, but I knew I could do better.

I went to a live event in 2008, and one of the speakers said something that gave me a crazy idea. That crazy idea I had worked for me, and it led to a major breakthrough in my business. Now, my days were $50K - $60K.

This is when I became known as the Super Affiliate Rockstar, Mr. $50k A Day. A couple years later I would cross the $100k/day mark.

So there is huge value in being at live events. Marketers that go to events make more money. Plain and simple.

By the way, I’ll be sharing the piece of advice my mentor gave me, and the huge breakthrough that multiplied my income by a factor of 10 at Affiliate Millionaires.


The benefit of live events is not just the content that you get there. Even more important than that is being surrounded by like-minded people. You see, being an online marketer can be a lonely business. Your friends and your family do not understand what you do. Live events are an opportunity for you to be around people that understand what you do, and to network with them.

One of the big keys to success in affiliate marketing in particular CPA, is relationships. Relationships are started and strengthened at live events. If you’re not attending live events, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal.

If you only go to one live event this year, you need to make it the Affiliate Millionaires event I'm holding October 13-15 in Washington DC.


Because this is the only place where you will be able to learn firsthand how to generate $50,000-$100,000 per day from someone that actually does it. I know that may seem like a lot of money to you right now, to make in such a short period of time – but this is a drop in the bucket compared to the vast amounts of money in the CPA industry.

So let’s get down to it – at Affiliate Millionaires, I’m going to teach you the exact formula for generating massive cash like my friends and I in the CPA industry do.

The foundation is quite simple. One of my mentors and friends, Lloyd Irvin told me this a long time ago:

Traffic + Conversion = Cash

As simple as it looks, there are a lot of moving parts to traffic and conversion, and in our 3 days together I’ll be teaching all the parts you need to generate 7 figures per year online. Starting with traffic:


The Massive Traffic Trio is Where You Need To Focus for Maximum Scalability

Affiliate Millionaires like myself don’t focus on obscure traffic sources with puny amounts of traffic. We focus on the big boy traffic sources, the traffic sources capable of producing millions of dollars.

This is where the massive traffic is:


Traffic Source 1: Google (Search & Display)


Google is the undisputed heavyweight champion of traffic. According to Alexa.com, Google is the #1 most trafficked website in the world, followed by Youtube (owned by Google) and Facebook.

Google reaches a staggering 98% of the internet. Google Display Network (GDN) is the largest media buy network in the world by a wide margin. Text ads, video ads, mobile ads, banner ads – all can be created on Google in a matter of minutes.

My clients and I spend upwards of $75k/day on Google to promote CPA offers. It’s a huge source of traffic and at my event in October you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly ramp PPC campaigns from 3 figures to 5 figures per day
  • The secret to finding keywords with huge amounts of traffic that convert like crazy
  • How to triple the traffic of any profitable campaign instantly.  No one is teaching this method!
  • How to easily get new Google accounts even if you’ve been banned 331 times like me.
  • How to write PPC ads that get high CTR and high conversion rates.
  • How to get dirt cheap traffic on the Google search (not display) network
  • Secrets to testing and tracking like a pro
  • Bidding strategies – how to get the best possible ad placements for the cheapest possible cost per click
  • What it really takes to build a $100k/day Google search campaign (hint: it’s not what you think)

Traffic Source 2: Social Media


Since overtaking porn in 2012, social media is the #1 online activity. No matter how you feel about it, you can’t deny that it has become a big part of our culture. Most people check at least one social media platform at least once a day.

Many people spend hours a day on it. All these eyeballs on phones present an unprecedented advertising opportunity. Not only is there massive amounts of traffic available, it can be targeted down to the smallest of demographics.

The 800 lb gorilla of social media advertising is Facebook. Facebook is an absolute gold mine for affiliates and advertisers. At the event you will be around entrepreneurs like myself and some of the speakers that spend $50k - $100k+ on Facebook.

There are a lot of so-called Facebook ad “experts” out there, but show me some that are doing that kind of volume. Your favorite Facebook expert’s favorite Facebook experts will be at Affiliate Millionaires.

Facebook definitely leads the pack with its 2 billion+ users, but at Affiliate Millionaires you’ll learn about other social media platforms that we have been crushing with.


  • The social media platform that converts better than Facebook that no one is talking about.
  • A new way to laser target your Facebook audience to explode your ROI. No one is teaching this.
  • How to get unlimited $.05 - $.10 clicks on Facebook to skyrocket your ROI
  • The New Facebook ad option that is absolutely crushing it that no one is talking about.
  • How to promote affiliate offers without getting banned.
  • The secret to scaling your Facebook campaigns the gurus are afraid to teach.
  • How to get optins on Facebook for less than $.15!
  • How to get so much engagement with your ads that they go viral and get tons of free traffic.
  • Secrets to creating mobile social ads that convert better than desktop ads
  • And much more


Traffic Source 3: Email

Email is the #1 volume traffic source for CPA offers today, by a wide margin. Mastering email marketing is a big key to long term affiliate marketing profits.

  • How to get into mass email marketing the easy way.
  • How to start mailing immediately without worrying about warming up IP’s and everything that goes into traditional email.
  • The right way to buy data
  • How to build massive lists – FAST - that you can monetize for years
  • How to setup your pathways to sky-rocket opt-ins and increase conversions
  • Unique methods to monetize your list that you never knew existed



Conversion - Products and Offers


The next part of our Traffic + Conversion= Cash is CONVERSION. In our world conversion means having something to sell or promote that “converts” the traffic into money. This means offers. Products. Stuff to sell.

With CPA networks, you literally have thousands of offers at your fingertips. However, many smart affiliates realize that they can make a lot more money if they became the advertiser, or product owner. And one of the smartest will be teaching you at Affiliate Millionaires 3.0.


Special Session - Becoming The Advertiser (Product Owner)


The CPA industry consists of the affiliates, advertisers (the merchants or offer owner), and the CPA Networks that connect the two. Of those 3 entities, the one that makes the most money by far is the advertiser.

Over the past year especially, more and more affiliates are becoming the advertiser, and driving traffic to their own offers. At Affiliate Millionaires we will be having a special session on becoming the advertiser.

  • How to get, and keep your MIDS (merchant accounts)
  • Credit card processing - the easy way
  • How to find the best suppliers, and what to avoid.
  • How to handle fulfillment without having a warehouse full of product
  • How to build an internal traffic team so you don't need to rely on CPA networks and affiliates

When you leave you will have the knowledge you need to create and run your own offer.


Special Session - Ecommerce on Steroids


Ecommerce is all the rage now, and for good reason. There are lots of cute little  $50k – 100k/mo stores out there, but when you combine in demand products with massive traffic you get $1M+/mo results like Affiliate Millionaires 3.0 speaker Jose Rivera.

Jose was making trips to China and doing ecommerce long before it was popular. If you want to learn how to profit with ecommerce in a huge way, come and here Jose speak at Affiliate Millionaires 3.0.



Special Friday Session - Black Hat Night


I have a reputation for dabbling in Black Hat strategies from time to time.  Now when I say Black Hat I don’t mean fraud, or anything illegal. I mean breaking the internet rules a little bit, the rules set by companies like Google and Facebook not the government.

I can’t say a lot about it in this public letter, but let’s just say we have some brand new Black Hat techniques that are making us a fortune. We’ll be sharing these and other Black Hat strategies in a special Friday night session.

In addition to all the excellent content, we are going to have fun. If you know anything about me you know I like to party, so you’re going to have a blast.


Special Guest Speakers


As good as I am I'm not an expert at everything, so I've brought some of my friends aong to share their secrets...

Gabriella Rapone is a brilliant marketing analyst and strategist from Montreal.

From high-volume email, Facebook, and everything in between Gabriella is a master at expanding and monetizing audiences.

Gabriella's marketing insight has helped her and her clients generate millions, and at Affiliate Millioniares 3.0 you will want to have pen and paper out because her ideas can transform your business.

Besides being a world champion martial artist and MMA coach, Lloyd Irvin also owns several multimillion dollar Internet businesses. In fact, he has generated upwards of $1.7 million in one day.

Lloyd has been my mentor since 2008, and without him the Super Affiliate Rockstar brand wouldn’t exist.

In order to be affiliate millionaire, you need to have a millionaires mindset. Lloyd is an expert at creating champions, and he’ll be sharing how to become a moneymaking champion at the event.

Besides being a high-volume email expert, Ryan Dombrowski is a specialist in helping advertisers and affiliates promote nutra and supplement offers on Facebook 100% white hat.

Ryan has devised a system where you can drive massive traffic to traditionally troublesome niches with Facebook's blessing.

At the event, Ryan will be sharing his strategies for turning $1 into $12 with your ad buys. If you like stupid profit margins like this without dealing with accounts contantly getting banned, don't miss Ryan's presentation.

Peter Parks is one of the top Facebook media buyers in the world. When I'm stumped on a Facebook question and can't find the answer, he's the one I ask.

He has routinely spent 6 figures per day on Facebook, promoting CPA offers that normally get you banned, with no cloaking. I know a few people that spend $100K+ on Facebook, but he's the only one I know that's doing it 100% white hat. With one account.

If you are serious about scaling Facebook, don't miss Peter at Affiliate Millionaires 3.0.

Luke Sample, aka Lambo Luke, is in affiliate marketing veteran, getting his start back in 1999. Since then Luke has been a hugely successful affiliate spending over $100,000 per day on Google Adwords.

He has also been an extremely successful advertiser, selling upwards of 30,000 units of diet supplements per day.

In addition, Luke is an expert at monetizing CPA leads. While most affiliates earn just one commission for every lead they generate, Luke earns 5 to 10 separate commissions by cross selling and up selling other CPA offers.

Luke also is an expert with black hat techniques, and will be sharing his secrets on Black Hat night.

José Rivera has been onle of my online marketing idols for years. I attended the first Magic Bullet Seminar that he and his partner Amish Shah put on back in 2010, and it was truly life-changing for me. José inspired me to become a media buying master.

Jose has done a lot more than media buying. He's a marketing genius and never one to focus on only one revenue stream. Always ahead of his time, Jose was doing ecommerce before it was popular, and today does ecommerce on level rarely seen.

In October Jose will be showing you how to build an ecommerce EMPIRE like his.

JJ Alan attended the first Affiliate Millionaires in 2013, and he was excited about hitting $100k a month as an affiliate. A year laterwhen he spoke at my 2014 event, he was doing over $1M/month as an advertiser.

Since then, JJ has not only grown his business, he's also helped several afffiliates make the leap from affiliate to advertiser. At the event he'll be sharing these strategies.

JJ Is a master of traffic. Facebook, Google, Native - he's one of the best. He's been one of the few people I've seen that are good at building media buying teams. If you enjoy money don't miss JJ.

Giancarlo Barazza is truly an Affiliate Millionaires success story. See the video at the top of this page. Because he came to my event and learned and more importantly networked, he recently purchased a $5M+ house in Florida.


Giancarlo not only has a huge affiliate and ecommmerce business, but he also coaches other entrepreneurs. I've met many of the peoplehe's trained and he's very good at what he does.

Giancarlo is an absolute master at Google Display Network (GDN), and in October he'll be teaching you how to make millions on GDN like he and his students have.

DMarco Musa is a talented copywriter that specializes in online direct response marketing. From sales letters, emails, pre-sell pages, and video sales letters DMarco writes compelling copy that CONVERTS.

When someone asks me for a copywriter recommendation I send them to DMarco.

If you know anything about CPA you know that advertorials are what move the most product. There are very few people you can pay to write a good advertorial - DMarco is the best and he'll be sharing some of his secrets to killer ad copy that converts like crazy.

Rob Terrio is a business growth strategist. He got his start in 2011 by promoting ClickBank products through SEO blogs. Shortly after, he ventured off into freelance copywriting, and eventually started consulting with small businesses all the way up to multi-national publicly traded companies.

In 2015, (having no college education) he was offered a 7-figure salary as CMO in a 9-figure investment bank but turned it down to start his own investment company.

He’ll be showing you (in step-by-step detail) what it takes to grow your affiliate business into a $100MM company that can be sold for multiples.



In addition to the excellent content we are going to have fun. If you know anything about me you know I like to party, so you're gonna have a blast.


Why You Need to Come To Affiliate Millionaires:


1. You need fast, reliable and scalable traffic or you’ll be broke

If you want to make any real money in affiliate marketing, you must master paid traffic, and the absolute masters of paid traffic will be teaching at this event. Multi-billion dollar companies pay for advertising, they don’t rely on SEO or social media buzz.

You don’t do $50k - $100k days online with free traffic. If you want to make a few thousand bucks a month, and can wait a couple months to start getting paid, by all means try SEO.

But if you want scalable traffic that can bring in 5 and 6 figures PER DAY, you must master paid traffic.


2. If you’re not doing mobile right, you are already getting left behind.

Mobile is the fastest growing sector of online traffic BY FAR. More and more consumer dollars and advertising dollars are transitioning from desktop web to mobile web. In fact, 95% of the traffic I buy is mobile.

Go anywhere in public where people are hanging out and look around. Everyone’s face is buried in their phone.

As a seasoned web marketer that has been running campaigns for 17 years, I can tell you that it is A LOT easier to make money in mobile than it is in desktop web.

At the Affiliate Millionaires event, the some of the top mobile affiliate marketers in the world will be teaching you how to optimize your mobile campaigns for maximum profits. By the time you leave the event, you will know exactly how to make huge profits with your mobile campaigns.


3. It will help you make more money, bottom line.

Whether you are a newbie or are already banking $1M+ per month, I guarantee there is something you'll learn at this event that will make you more money. A LOT more money. Between myself and the other excellent speakers, you will walk away with a blueprint to making huge profits in affiliate marketing.


4. There is no where else to get this information.

Most internet marketers can't teach you how to make $50K/day because they're not making near that themselves. And the people that are making that much are not talking. This is the only place where you'll get the real deal, down and dirty information on how the BIG BOYS are making money online.


5. You will have the time of your life.

Making money is fun, and when you get together with like minded people who are making a lot of money or on the path to, it's a real good time. I believe in work hard play hard, so we'll definitely carve out some time to hang out and enjoy ourselves.


6. Networking

Some of the most successful internet marketers and industry movers and shakers in the world will be at this event, so it's a perfect time for you to network and make deals. Like I mentioned earlier relationships are a big key to success in this business and there's no better way to develop them than face to face.


7. Find out the one thing all CPA millionaires have in common

Success leaves clues, and a shortcut to success is to model those who are already where you want to be. This one secret will blow you away and is well worth the price of admission by itself.



This Incredible Event Will Take Place October 13 - 15, 2017 in Washington DC


Local Airport

Reagan National Airport (DCA)

Reagan National is about 5 minutes from the hotel. There are also 2 other airports - Dulles International (IAD) about 45 minutes away and Baltimore Washington International (BWI) about 1 hour away.



What Kind Of Hefty Price Tag Should This Go For?


I thought about this for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price for four days with true affiliate millionaires?

Collectively and conservatively the group of assembled brings in over $40,000,000 (yes, $40 million) in revenue online. If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge what would that be worth to you?

As I mentioned before, my private coaching program is $50,000. The last event I held, which was a small four-day workshop, was $20,000.

My friends told me I would be crazy to charge anything less than $10,000 for the Affiliate Millionaires event.

Even though you will be getting tremendous value at this event, you will not have to pay anything close to that.

I’ve decided to put this at a more reasonable level of $1997.

And if you register before August 21 you can save an additional $1000 and get your ticket for only $997 ($497 until midnight 9/29).

At this price it separates the pack from "wannabees". And, considering I charge $50k for one day of coaching, 3 days of me for under $1k is a steal.


Choose Your Experience


General Admission (Only 200 36 Available Seats)

  • General Seating First Come First Serve
  • Access to all content
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VIP (only 8 available spots)

  • Total Access to all content
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  • $1997 $2997

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Extreme VIP (only 5 1 spots available)

  • Preferred VIP Seating
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  • Dinner with Greg and Team (spend quality time with 7 and 8 figure earners)
  • 1/2 Day One-on-One consulting/coaching with Greg
  • 2 Months Followup Coaching Calls after event
  • VIP Lunch with Greg and Speakers
  • VIP Dinner with Greg and Speakers
  • Online Recordings of the Entire Event
  • VIP Goodie Bag
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  • Limited Edition Super Affiliate Rockstar T-shirt
  • Refundable $1997 deposit required
  • $14,997

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High Rollers (only 5 1 spots available)

  • Luxury Suite accomodations at the MGM Grand National Harbor (about 10 minutes from the venue)
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  • Dinner with Greg and Team (spend quality time with 7 and 8 figure earners)
  • 1/2 Day One-on-One consulting/coaching with Greg
  • 3 Months Followup Coaching Calls after event
  • A done-for-you, tested, profitable campaign
  • High Rollers Front Row Seating
  • VIP Lunch with Greg and Speakers
  • Livestream of the entire event
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  • VIP Dinner with Greg and speakers
  • VIP Lunch with Greg and speakers
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  • Dinner with Greg and Team (spend quality time with 7 and 8 figure earners)
  • 1/2 Day One-on-One consulting/coaching with Greg
  • 3 Months Followup Coaching Calls after event
  • A done-for-you, tested, profitable campaign
  • High Rollers Front Row Seating
  • VIP Dinner with Greg and speakers
  • VIP Lunch with Greg and speakers
  • Friday Night VIP Party
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Insane Bonus Package

Bonus # 1 Super Affiliate Rockstar 101


Affiliate Millionaires is not intended for newbies. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing and CPA don't worry this bonus will bring you up to speed.

  • Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing/CPA
  • Live Weekly Trainings
  • Will be recorded
  • Run paid traffic campaigns BEFORE the event
  • Open to Affiliate Millionaires Attendees ONLY.


Bonus # 2 How To Promote VSL’s on Facebook

  • VSL + Facebook = Cash
  • Easy and Lucrative
  • Complete Guide
  • Landing pages
  • Ads
  • Tracking & Testing
  • And much, much more

Bonus # 3 Facebook Accounts Guide

  • Been Banned?
  • Never start a new ad account
  • How to acquire all the accounts you need
  • How we are currently acquiring accounts
  • Reliable, reputable suppliers if you choose to buy

Bonus # 4 Payment Methods Guide

  • Multiple accounts help you scale fast.
  • Each FB & Google account needs a unique form of payment.
  • Get up to 70 new payment methods
  • Even if you have bad credit

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Greg Davis

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P.S.S Remember, at the end of the first day if you don’t believe what you’ve discovered is pure moneymaking gold or you do not want to stay for the whole event or you are disappointed in any way, for whatever reason, just find one of our staff members and discreetly say the code word “Tough Call” and you can leave with a full refund of your ticket


“I started off skeptical, but Greg made me a believer. I never thought it was possible to make that much money in one day, especially on Google where they had already banned a bunch of my accounts. Our best day was $130k - in one day. I love checking my stats!”

Margie Walsh
Reno, Nevada

"Hey Greg, I hope all is well with you. I met you about 2 years ago at your Super Affiliate Rock Star kick off @ the Clarion hotel. At the time I was unable to sign up for your program. But from that moment I was convinced that affiliate marketing was what I wanted to do. I took the free software you gave us, and all the info I learned from your seminar and went to work. 2 years later I'm now making a lil over 10k a month. Not much my your standards, but MAJOR for me. Thank you sooo much for your honesty, quaility of work, and the support early on. With all these guys claiming to be experts and gurus....you're the genuine article. Continue your great service. I know God led me 2 you. Be Blessed"

Ernest Johnson
Baltimore, Maryland

“Greg gave me some coaching over Instant Messenger and taught me his way of doing PPC campaigns. Using his tips I made $25,000 in my first month.

Aare Niinepuu
Eastonia, Europe

"Hey Greg and Ricco,

Wanted to tell you guys Happy Fathers Day!! My yard guy didn't show up, so I get to cut my grass on fathers day (gonna make my oldest son help). Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys what a difference you guys have made in our income as of late. We still have plenty more to get, but the $5k-$6k days have been amazing. I took Shukree and Mustafa (partners in 3M Sales) to a fancy resturant  I frequent on Friday night, and blew their mind. The bill was $250 for the 3 of us and we couldn't have cared less.

We look forward to doing BIG BIG numbers in the future with you guys."

John Gray
Savannah Georgia

"I started Greg's coaching program in January and made over $300,000 in my first 4 months. Thanks Greg!"

Lamont Price
Odenton, Maryland

"..To be honest with you the biggest thing I got out of working with Greg is to think bigger and to push harder. Specifically I made 6 gigures, easily, using just a couple of strategies that he shared with me.."

Ben Moskel
Buffalo, NY

This is a little inspiration for everyone if you just go hard daily, follow the steps Greg and his team give, leverage the technology, and never give up no matter the challenges in front of you. My commissions for Oct. 2012 were $171,631. Traffic cost me about 90K. You can do the math on the profit. God is great!

"Thanks to Greg's coaching I had awesome results with my PPC and media buy campaigns. I made $339,449 in less than 2 months."

Michael Hendrex
Hermosa Beach, California


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